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Founder --- Liang Chen-hsiang, (Principal)


The dream of studying overseas is sought by most students that go into higher education; but the need for strong foreign language ability as well as high honors and a strong financial base restrict many from accomplishing their goals.


Due to the difficulties encountered in traveling for exams and approval by foreign educational institutes, the --- CENTRAL AMERICA UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM ---- was founded in the  hope of helping those who are dreaming of studying abroad the opportunity to achieve their goals. While receiving their education here in Taiwan without having to travel abroad cooperation with MOE approved universities abroad allows students to achieve their diploma and degree from these world-class universities. In country study significantly enhances advancement at the student’s workplace. This produces more competitiveness upon graduation creating opportunities for advanced promotion and salary increases for graduates.


Institution Origin

Since our establishment in 1982, we were the first company to introduce courses offered by foreign educational institutions here in Taiwan. Since our earliest program, the “Department of Music Education” courses we have been able to provide a large variety of major and minor courses. In recent years with many foreign universities becoming authorized to work with us and in the development of a wide range of studies there have been nearly a thousand participants completing their studies, and dramatically increasing their the workplace competitiveness.


Job Training Program

In recent years the number of Taiwan's Master and Doctorate degree holders has steadily increased.  This can be seen by annual public employment recruitment statistics. Master and Doctoral degree students always account for the highest number of candidates. The universal increase of highly educated students is resulting in a new minimum academic qualification. Students with only a bachelor's degree are finding it difficult to cope with the workplace requirements in many industries. Therefore the termination of educational study gradually becomes the cause of resistance to higher expectations.


In this social environment, job training has become increasingly popular with many people using their time to go to school on holidays or at night. Job training doesn’t only enhance their professional capacity, but the educational experience and continuous learning will help maintain a positive attitude, in the workplace and in their relationships.



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